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Data Center: Copenhagen, Denmark


The versatile small business server

Single CPU socket 1U server that comes with the highest CPU and memory configuration in the series.

Exceptional performance for low threaded applications. The Intel Xeon E3-1270v2 Quad Core processor is the best in class and runs at a whopping 3.50 GHz and 3.90 GHz in Turbo Boost. For applications running in a single or a few threads, this gives you exceptional performance, for anyone else it is still a bargain for the money.

Mix SSD and Hard Disk Drives. Choose to mix Solid State Drives and Hard Disk Drives in this server configuration for maximum utilization of your specific IO and storage needs.

Software RAID on Linux. Choose to use our automated Linux software RAID configurations (with or without LVM) supporting RAID levels 1 and 10, depending on the number of disks. Or choose manual partitioning to create your own desired RAID layout using the native Linux installer of the specific distribution.

Hot-swap hard disk drives. The hard disk drives in the server support hot-swapping. If a hard disk needs replacing it can be done without any service interruption. The SSDs are mounted inside the server for full SATA3 6 Gbit/s connectivity, however, the SSDs do not support hot swap.


Included features


30 TB Traffic Included

With every server purchase, we include 30 TB traffic/mo. on 1 Gigabit port.

Remote Access

All servers come with built-in remote management available in your Dashboard.

Network Connectivity

1Gbit/ WAN and Private Network. 10/25 and 100Gbit/s is available upon request.

Tested Hardware

Before we make it available to you, all servers undergo various burn-in tests including stress testing and installation of a wide range of operating systems.

Other benefits


1 Month Contract

Pay for 30 days at a time. Cancel up to 24 hours ahead of the renewal date.

No Setup nor Cancellation Fee

With us, you do not pay a setup or cancellation fee.

3rd Level Support at First Contact

Get third level support at first contact and hardware replacement if suspicion of fault.

Change of Contract

You can change your server and contract at any time if necessary.


Which operating systems are supported?

You can install the most common Linux distributions using our automated installation wizard. You can also install any operating systems including Windows, RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and SuSE Linux, manually using KVM over IP by mounting your local CD/DVD-ISO directly to the server.

Automated installations include: CentOS, VMware ESXi, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Debian, CoreOS, Oracle Linux, Rancher OS, Smart OS, Fedora, Fedora Atomic and Arch Linux.

How many public IPs are assigned to my server?
All of our servers include 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6 address.

We can assign multiple public IP addresses either by individual address assignments or by routing a subnet to your server. Additional IPs are requested from within the ASERGO Dashboard.

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